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EMERGENCY: Devastating floods in Madagascar  Flooding in Madagascar leading to life-threatening conditions

An elderly man who couldn’t flee with his family had been sitting in a chair on a small spot of higher ground for nearly three weeks. In one community, five women have died during childbirth because there was no way to bring them to a medical facility. Families are perched on patches of land; eating only leaves and drinking contaminated water.

Flooding in East Africa are devastating areas that are already suffering.
Medair is responding in South Sudan and Somalia.

In South Sudan, nearly one million people have been affected. Their crops, nearly ready to harvest, have been destroyed. Their livestock, small herds which take years to build up, have drowned.  The areas affected are those already experiencing high levels of hunger, food insecurity, and acute malnutrition in children.

In Somalia, high river levels have placed many flood-prone villages at high risk. Shelter structures are flooded, sanitation facilities damaged, food stores washed away, and a large number of crops are destroyed.

Priority needs are:

Shelter – Families have lost their homes and are in urgent need of safe shelter. Even the grasses normally used to rebuild have been destroyed.

Health and Nutrition – Flooding and standing water is exposing people to malaria and water-borne diseases. Crops have been destroyed and families affected by the floods urgently need food items. There will likely be an increase of malnutrition in the coming weeks.

WASH – The standing, contaminated water is increasing the risk of diarrhea, cholera and malaria. These are life-threatening. Families need household items, bars of soap, and supplies for decontaminating and storing safe water.

Please come alongside us to help the people of South Sudan and Somalia by giving
to our emergency fund. Your support will help ensure we are able to respond to the continuing needs of people affected by the floods.