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David Verboom is Medair’s CEO.

With 20 years of field-based experience, he has been involved in humanitarian interventions in response to different major emergencies in the world. He shares stories about the people Medair serves and his vision for Medair and the humanitarian aid sector.

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TED Talk by David Verboom


After working as a consultant for a private company, it became the dream of David Verboom, Medair CEO, to become an aid worker and serve people affected by crisis. Yet, soon after joining the humanitarian sector over 20 years ago, he realised that the humanitarian aid world has its own challenges and weaknesses.

David learned that aid missions are not always driven by the people in need. Money, media and politics can greatly influence humanitarian action and the aid sector frequently fails to put the interests of people in need first.

In a new TED talk, David shares about his journey to the broken heart of humanitarianism and how he came back to his dream of serving people in need.

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