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Violence in Myanmar has driven over one million Rohingya, a stateless minority, to seek refuge across the border into Bangladesh.

An overwhelming majority of them arrived in August 2017, due to sudden and targeted attacks on their villages. The speed and scale of the influx resulted in a critical humanitarian emergency.

Today, most of the refugees are living in Cox’s Bazar, crowded onto just 13 km2 of land. Kutupalong Camp is the largest refugee camp in the world, hosting more than 600,000 people.

Though international attention on the crisis has waned, the needs remain immense. Refugees are unable to work and thus are fully reliant on humanitarian aid. Their survival depends solely on the ability of the international community to provide assistance.

Medair’s Global Emergency Team arrived in September 2017 to provide urgent relief to refugees. Two years on, we remain committed to providing essential health, nutrition, and shelter services, in partnership with Integral Alliance member, World Concern.  In everything we do, we work alongside dedicated and committed national staff as well as Rohingya Community Volunteers.


How We Help


We run a health post in one of the most remote parts of the camp, providing services including primary health care, antenatal care and psychosocial support for 2,000 families.
Without this facility, these families would not have access to health care close to their homes.



Medair teams run three nutrition sites in underserved parts of Kutupalong Refugee Camp. We identify and treat children with moderate acute malnutrition, and provide food and health education to pregnant and lactating women at high risk of developing nutrition problems.
Our team screens infants for growth and feeding problems, and provides counselling support to mothers.
Our sites serve over 16,000 children and 2,500 women.


Our shelter teams are helping Rohingya refugee families strengthen their shelters to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season, through distributions of transitional shelter materials. We train them to build strong shelters that use foundations, wall bracing, and tie downs. Our teams have also supported the most vulnerable with trained carpenters to build their shelters.
Our teams are responsible for shelter response for over 7,000 families when emergencies strike, such as heavy rains, landslides, or flooding.

Our Impact (2018)


people directly assisted


patient consultations at Medair supported clinics, and 34,094 people reached with health and nutrition promotion


people received shelter assistance and 82,134 people benefited from construction/repairs to infrastructure

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